Puppetry Workshops and Residencies

Little Wing Puppets offers a range of workshops; from month-long residencies to one hour puppet making and technique classes. We can often tailor a program to suit your needs. We have extensive experience working with different age groups and can adapt the workshop to engage the students at any level. We offer professional development for theatre companies, actors and educators, extension programs for high school drama students, extended residencies for primary schools or introductory workshops for preschool children, holiday programs, community centres or festivals. See below for some examples of previous residencies and contact us for more information.

Workshops and Residencies:

  • Shadow Puppetry
  • The Puppetry of Paper
  • Hand Puppetry
  • Giant Puppets
  • Mask Residencies

Puppetry Workshops

Shadow Puppetry Workshops

Watch as your drawings leap to life,      off the page and onto the stage! Participants are guided through the process of designing, creating and performing with their shadow puppets in our own portable puppet theatre...

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The Puppetry of Paper

Scrunch, rip, twist, tear! This fun workshop is based on Bunraku, a Japanese form of puppetry. In this workshop, participants will learn to make a puppet out of paper and the skill of bringing it to life, as a team. 

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Puppetry Residencies

Giant Puppetry Residencies

Ever wanted to make something really big? This workshop brings together people of all ages and skill levels to make giant puppets. Everyone has something to contribute. The puppets can be made for performances, parades or events.

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Shadow Puppetry Residencies

Welcome to the extraordinary world of shadows, where anything is possible. This residency program offers a deeper experience of shadow puppetry, working in a large scale format to create performances or installations.

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 Hand Puppetry Residencies

What’s the sound of one hand talking? This residency program is based on Muppet-style puppets. They are colourful creatures, full of laughs and full of life. Participants will make their own hand puppets and learn the skills of making them come alive.

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Mask Residencies

This residency is focused on the art of making and performing with theatre masks. Participants will design and make their own masks, and then learn about using their bodies and physical theatre techniques to bring them to life.

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Student Comments


At the end I felt really proud and excited, I just wanted to go on again and just keep on doing it, because it was so much fun. I never really knew that we were going to get to this point and actually bring our puppets to life.”  

- Year 5 Student, Mother of God Primary School, VIC

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