Giant Puppetry Residencies

Giant Puppetry Residencies



I feel very proud about my work, and seeing it all come together at the end was just an amazing feeling, and really put into perspective the scale of the work we as a school have done. From the project, I got to improve on working in a team and the skill of working well under pressure to do it quickly.”

- Jared, Year 5 student, Ringwood Heights Primary School, VIC

 Ever wanted to make something really big?

This residency brings together a large group of people to make something truly spectacular. The task of working together to create something larger than ourselves tends to have a positive binding effect on a community, whether it be a school or a holiday program. From the beginning of the process, children have creative ownership, guided by our experienced puppeteers. The giant characters are constructed by children, based on their own designs. The outcome can be a performance, a parade, or an installation. If the outcome is performance based, the students are responsible for the writing of the story and its development into a script, as well as the performance. Because of the artistic control over the whole process, there is always a overwhelming sense of excitement and pride in the final outcome, whatever it may be. The theme can be developed around a key learning area or enquiry for the school, or the theme of a local festival. The skills that are explored during the residency are team-work; design; narrative and writing; art and craft; movement; voice and performance.


Comments from Students


I learnt how to make a giant puppet. It starts with a basic structure and an idea. You add material over the structure until it looks great! I also learnt that artists have a lot of skills such as organisational skills, creativity and persisting, just to name a few. Being an artist is fun but hard work has to come into it too.”  

– Ben, Year 5 student, Ringwood Heights Primary School, VIC

  Giant Puppet Residencies by Little Wing Puppets

  • Yarraman Oaks Primary School – [SUB]URBAN studio project, City of Greater Dandenong, VIC, 2018

  • Fish Creek Primary School – Tea Cosy Festival, South Gippsland, VIC, 2018

  • “Song of the Eels”  – Upwelling Festival, Glenelg Shire, VIC, 2016

  • “Little Shop of Horrors” – Wonthaggi Theatrical Group, West Gippsland, VIC 

  • “Birds Without Borders” – Upwelling Festval, Glenelg Shire, VIC, 2015

  • “As Time Goes By” – Mother of God School, Ardeer, VIC, 2015

  • “Where the Rainforest meets the Sea” – St Bedes Primary School, North Balwyn, VIC, 2014

  • “Mission to the Planet Blurple” – Kid’s Artzone School Holiday Program, Bruny Island, TAS, 2013

  • “The Legend of the Landshark” – Officer Primary School, Artists-in-School Program, VIC, 2012

  • France to Freycinet Parade, Swansea, Tasmania, 2012

  • “One Day There Were Three Giants” –  Ringwood Primary School, Artists-in-School Program, VIC, 2011

  • “The Birds of Tennant Creek” – Desert Harmony Festival, Tennant Creek, NT, 2010  

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