The Fish That Wanted to Fly

Fish just wasn’t like the other fish in the school…


The children and teachers really enjoyed it and we all watched with amazement with what would happen next. The show was very funny, touching and very clever in every detail”

- Pepe Docker, Early Childhood Educator, KU Killarney Heights, NSW

Did you ever dream of doing something that seemed impossible?

The Fish That Wanted to Fly is about the importance of pursuing a dream, even if it seems like you will never reach it. In this enchanting tale we meet a Fish who desperately wants to fly. Her friend, a hermit crab named Karamoko, sits by his stormwater drain and tells her it will never happen. She meets a Sacred Kingfisher who gives her lessons in flight. It’s not until she meets a Cormorant, who offers to take her up into the sky that she experiences flying for the first time, but will she make it back home safely?  

Set in the mangrove swamps of east-coast Australia, The Fish That Wanted to Fly is also about sustainability and the Australian environment. 

Written by Jenny Ellis, Miriam Lieberman & Anne Brooksbank
Music by Miriam Lieberman
Puppets and sets by Jenny Ellis



“Thank you for a wonderful show today, it was just delightful. We all loved it”  

– Audience response, Knox Community Arts Centre, VIC.

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Ph: 0408 808 699