Puppetry of Paper Workshops


Explore Japanese Bunraku-style puppetry 



“An excellent, fun, engaging and quality workshop. Thank you, we really enjoyed it”

- Parent, Dandenong, VIC

 Scrunch, Rip, Twist, Tear…! 


How many things can you do with a piece of paper? This workshop is based on Bunraku-style puppetry, a traditional Japanese form of theatre which involves three puppeteers working closely together to operate one puppet. Workshop participants will first work in groups to make a unique puppet out of paper. They will then learn techniques for bringing their puppet to life, as a team. Each group will work on short performances which will presented to the group. Participants will leave the workshop with a range of skills which can be applied to any kind of puppetry. This workshop can be tailored to a range of ages from 3 years up, from preschool to high school. It also works well for families, with a mixture of adults and young children in the same workshop, so it is well suited to school holiday programs.

Duration: 60 or 90 mins


11 + 8 =

Ph: 0408 808 699