Puppet Shows and Performances

Little Wing Puppets has a range of shows on offer, all which are packed up and ready to travel. We use a variety of styles of puppetry, including shadow, bunraku-style rod and hand puppetry. Our shows are light weight, easy to tour and technically self-sufficient; which means we can provide all the light and sound requirements we need. Our performances are adaptable for different spaces, from large stages in performing art centres, to classrooms and little country halls.  Contact us for more information or to make a booking.

Our Performances:

  • A Little Bit of Blue
  • The Owl’s Apprentice
  • Spike the Echidna
  • Trinket the Robot
  • The Fish That Wanted to Fly

Puppetry Performances

A Little Bit of Blue

A Detective Story about Bowerbirds, told with Puppetry, where the kids help solve the case…

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The Owl’s Apprentice

Owl’s aren’t born wise, you know, they have to learn it from somewhere…

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Spike the Echidna

The journey of a young echidna, though the world of shadow puppetry, to find out where he belongs…

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Trinket the Robot

The story is about a little robot who longs to become “real” – but is he ready for what it means to be alive?

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The Fish That Wanted to Fly

Have you ever dreamed about doing something that seemed impossible?

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