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Playing with Light



“In a digital age when there is so much time spent on screens in hyper-real settings, the simplicity of shadow theatre still retains a sense of magic. It’s an amazing thing to hear a room full of children gasping and exploding into laughter over a simple silhouette.  It’s still able to captivate their imaginations.”

- Jenny Ellis, Artistic Director

 Wander With Us into the World of Shadows… 


This residency program offers a deeper engagement with the artform of shadow puppetry. Expanding on the shorter workshop, it allows a further exploration into the techniques of contemporary shadow theatre. With ancient roots dating back to to the earliest human history, shadow theatre is still an evocative medium because it asks the audience to activate their imaginations.  In this program we work in a large-scale format, introducing human silhouettes into the imagined shadow world. It combines various skills of design, basic puppetry mechanisms, with writing and performance. Little Wing Puppets has had a great success using this technique with shy performers, who find comfort in the anonymity of being behind a shadow screen.

This residency program can be adapted for different outcomes. One variation is that the shadow images were used to create a book, written and designed by the community in collaboration with Kid’s Own Publishing. These stories have been adapted into several indigenous languages to support literacy programs. The shadow puppets and silhouettes combine to create powerful images, quickly bringing the story to life.  Another outcome is to create a large scale performance or installation for a community event or festival .

Recommended ages: 5 – 18 years

 Shadow Puppetry Residencies By Little Wing Puppets 


2016 – Too Much Bats, Wugularr (Beswick), Northern Territory

A two-week residency in collaboration with Djilpin Arts and Kid’s Own publishing to create a shadow puppetry book and performance with over 100 children for the Walking with Spirits Festival in a remote Aboriginal community.

2014 – Riverboy book, Wugularr (Beswick), Northern Territory

A one-week residency in collaboration with Giovanni Fusetti (Italy), Djilpin Arts and Kid’s Own Book publishing to create a shadow puppetry book with over 40 children and adults in a remote Aboriginal community.

2010 – The Birds of Tennant Creek,  Northern Territory

Creating a shadow puppetry performance with indigenous young people in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory which was performed at the Desert Harmony Festival  in collaboration with Beyond Empathy, Australian Theatre for Young People and Barkly Arts developed over a two-year period.




Feeling proud! When your kids get inspired and put on a shadow puppet show instead of their usual bedtime story. “

– Jeanette, parent, Ravensthorpe, WA

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