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“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make these wonderful puppets. Somehow it has changed people’s attitude in a good way”

- Drew, Grade 5/6 student, Willowmavin Primary School

 Getting the Giggles

This residency program is an exploration of hand puppetry, in a style similar to the Muppets created by Jim Henson.  The students will gain a range of skills throughout the residency, including puppet making, writing and performance skills. The first step of the process is for the students to learn about designing characters and drawing their own puppet. The second stage is to learn how to make a hand puppet, using a variety of materials including foam and fabric. During this phase, they will develop a range of hand-skills including pattern making, soft sculpture and sewing. The third step is to focus on the manipulation of the puppets including eyeline and lip-sync. The fourth step is to write short skits which are to be developed in small groups. The last step is to work on and present a performance to the school community.

 This program has been successfully used as a way of focusing on communication skills by the students. The puppet creates an interface with the world, which allows the puppeteer to express themselves in ways that is “not them.” The puppet is allowed to dance, sing, get angry, be sad or be confident in ways that may be challenging to the person behind the puppet. “It’s not me, it’s the puppet doing it,” act as an opportunity for the person to step outside the confines of their normal identity and find new avenues of expression. 

Recommended ages: 8 -18 years

 Hand Puppetry Residencies By Little Wing Puppets 


2010 – Artists-in- Schools Residency, Willowmavin Primary School

A one month residency working with the Year 5/6 class to create a muppet musical which was performed to over 100 members of the community. 

2010 –Stand Up Puppets: Getting the Giggles

A series of workshops combining the skills of hand puppetry with comedy improvisation, held at ArtPlay during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, co-facilitated with puppeteer Angie Orrego. and comedians Daniel Cordeaux and Jon Williams. A video of the process was made by Film maker Edwin McGill and  screened on the big screen at Puppets@ Fed Square.




“It has been a pleasure having you work in our school. Your patience, understanding and hard work with our students has been brilliant. We are extremely grateful to you. “

– Brett, Teacher, Willowmavin Primary School, VIC

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